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Notice: Wrongly Stated Descriptions in SDK Document

We apologize that we had incorrect descriptions found in one of our SDK Documents
regarding examples provided in the document about SDK query issuing,
especially on instructions to specify "AND" inside "OR" statement (September 11, 2015).
Follow the document we made modifications to:

Also, refer:

  • Appiaries Features

    This is a brief summary of Appiaries features to let you know how you can easily implement features such as:

    • Datastore
    • Geo Locations
    • Push Notifications
    • App Users Management
    • and more...

    Start now to receive the advantages of BaaS services!

  • Quick Start

    You must be in hurry!?
    Immediately start creating your Apps using Appiaries!
    Choose "Android" or "iOS" for quick guide tours that let you jump start.

  • SDK

    Appiaries SDKs are available for Android & iOS.
    Here are collections of all the information you need to utilize the SDK features with ready-to-go sample codes provided.

Sample Apps

Some Sample Apps which may give you further insights how you utilize Appiaries features.

Control Panel User's Manual

Provides you solutions for using Appiaries Control Panel.


Reference to all the available APIs provided by Appiaries.


A list of useful techniques when developing your apps.