last update 2015-8-10

Deleting a Binary Object

Deleting a Binary Object

eleting a Binary Object

Delete an object stored using an object ID.

Request format

Method uses DELETE or POST

API path

/v1/bin/{datastore ID}/{app ID}/{collection ID}/{object ID}

Request header

Content-Type multipart/form-data
X-APPIARIES-TOKEN Specify access token(*1)


Query name Value Notes
access_token access token(*1)
proc delete Optional. When the HTTP method is DELETE

(*1) ~ Specify using any method

Response format

Response header

You do not need to note anything here

HTTP response code

HTTP response code Details
204 Success
401 Token unspecified. Authentication failure
403 No permission to access the app.(No permission to create in the collection.The object that can be stored in the collection is not ” JSON Data “)
404 Collection not created
500 Unexpected error

Example)curl command