last update 2015-3-26

Search for a Binary Object (Binary)

Search for a Binary Object (Binary)

Search for a Binary Object (Binary)

Get the binary part of Object

Request format

Method uses GET

API Path

  • Search using a specific objectID

/v1/bin/{datastore ID}/{app ID}/{collection ID}/{object ID}/_bin

Request header

X-APPIARIES-TOKEN Specify access token(*1)


Query name Value Notes
access_token access token(*1)
proc get Optional. The default is Get
retry You can use multiple comma-separated descriptors in the object fieldname Retry time (in milliseconds)
If it is judged that the object has not been registered in the specified time period, the acquisition process is restarted with a default value of 0 and a maximum value of 30000.

(*1) ~ Specify using any method

Response format

Response header

Content-Type meta-information section “_type”fieldvalue stored binary file’s contenttype

HTTP response code

HTTP response code Details
200 Success
400 Retry time invalid
401 Token unspecified. Authentication failure
403 No permission to access the app.(No permission to create in the collection.The object that can be stored in the collection is not ” Binary Data “.)
404 Collection not created
500 Unexpected error

Response content

Binary Data

Example) curl command