last update 2015-9-14

GCM: Project Number & API Key (Server Key)

GCM: Project Number & API Key (Server Key)

In order to implement Push Notification feature on your app, you need to set “Project Number” and “API Key (Server Key)”.

Getting “Project Number”

Make sure you already created your project.
If you haven’t, visit GCM: Creating Projects & Activating Google Services to create one.

Go to “Google Developers Console”
and click your project name to open the dashboard.

On your dashboard, there you see on the top section a sequence of numbers, called “Project Number”.
This is one of the information needed when you create apps using “Push Notification”.
Make sure to copy this.

Getting “Public API Access Key (Server Key)”

Now, we are obtaining “API Key (Server Key)”.
From “APIs & auth” on side-menu, click “Credentials”.
Click “Create new Key” button.

As you see a dialog shows up, choose “Server key”.

You can leave out the “ACCEPT REQUESTS FROM THESE SERVER IP ADDRESSES” blank, and click “Create” button.

Notice your “API Key (Server Key)” is now created!